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Objectives of the Project

On its 60-Year-Anniversary a fundamental discontent runs through the EU, a disaffection that threatens the very existence of Europe on a political level, unhappiness that facilitates the ongoing split of societies on a social level, the increasing economic inequality of people and unrest about the current situation connected to refugees seeking for help in different parts of the world.

These circumstances are accompanied by a steadily growing uncertainty and difficulty to obtain information about these issues for parts of the population. In our unfolding digital world, it is more and more tricky to distinguish between fact and opinion, truth and falsehood.

The growing absence of empathy and understanding for "the other" on the most basic level is the central underlying problems that will affect everyone of us, especially young students who need to achieve an appropriate basis of knowledge and learning techniques. Most of them already recognize that it will concern them in the near future.

These issues can only be solved transnationally in our globalized digital world. It is a necessity to strengthen the idea of European citizenship (even global citizenship in the future) to cultivate an identity based on empathy and understanding, to create a cultural awareness by fulfilling the obligation of being a part of constructing a European identity, to merge different identities without denying giving up one's own national heritage. The creation of a common European future essentially depends on how the different member countries of the European Union and countries, which would like to join, define and deal with the term "Europe" and if they are able to extend the relationships.

As Jean-Paul Junker as the President of the European Commission already wrote in his white paper of the future of Europe: "As we decide which way to go, we should remember that Europe has always been at its best when we are united, bold and confident that we can shape our future together." So the main objective of this project should be to follow this path and to shape a transnational identity to reach this future.

European Union

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