Transnational project meetings and learning activities will take place at regular intervals in each of the participating countries. Some meetings are only for teachers, others will involve small groups of students. In connection to the teachers' meetings, you have to differentiate between project meetings, that are used to plan the following activities, and the teachers' learning activities, which should teach teachers in different areas like CLIL.

It is necessary to bring people together, although the digital age offers a wide range of possibilities to communicate with each other without seeing each other face to face. This is not only the case when students should work together, but also teachers should meet in order to learn from each other and to plan activities etc.

​​The aims of the project meetings are to discuss and evaluate the different parts of the project, to make people get to know each other and each other's countries, to form long-life cooperations and to learn from each other in every possible respect.

After all, these meetings should help to widen the impact of the project and the impact on the participating schools. They should allow all the participants to develop their understanding of the diversity of European cultures and languages. They should make people communicate with each other, as appropriate communication is what could strengthen Europe in the future.

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